February News

8th February 2018

Glendale Middle School Girls Visit Westfield Independent Girls School for Creative Arts Day

Westfield Independent Day School for Girls kindly invited 14 of Glendale Middle School's KS2 girls to attend a Creative Arts Day at their school on Thursday 8th February 2018.  The day was structured in such a way that pupils experienced  Art, Music, Drama and Domestic Science workshops.  

The event was completely free and Westfield even provided minibus transport to and from the event. Both Westfield and Glendale Middle believe that the creative arts contribute to a pupil’s personal development and well-being and recognise the value of inspiring pupils in the Arts and the long term benefits this can bring to individuals. To this end, the girls were delighted to have attended and were proud to have won many of the competitions held that day. They thoroughly enjoyed the valuable and memorable experience and met lots of kind friends, along with inspiring teachers.


Cartoonist inspires Glendale Middle Lads
On Tuesday 20th February, cartoonist Kev Sutherland, well-known for his work in the Beano and Dandy among other comics, visited Glendale Middle School through his work with the Hexham Book Festival to deliver a workshop to boys in order to inspire their reading and writing. By the end, the boys produced their own piece of work which was compiled into a comic for the school. The workshop 'was funny and Kev taught us how to draw characters.' All of the pupils found it 'amazing and absolutely fantastic!'