Year 6 York Trip

1st June 2018
Year 6 York Trip
Glendale Middle School Year 6s embarked on a 'post SATs' 5 day trip to York this June, where they explored the marvelous city of York. After catching a train, the week was packed full of adventure from the Yorvik museum and boat trips to the National Rail Museum and even an evening trip to the cinema. This was a great chance for pupils to experience city life and returned exhausted (teachers included) but refreshed! Here are some of the comments from the pupils:

It was fun and I especially liked the Yorvik activity because it was realistic and it smelled as if you were in those times – Rachel Moses

It was an experience that I will never forget about school. My favourite part of the trip was the Castle Museum because we saw the world from the Victorian perspective – Iona Revell

I think it was one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on in Glendale, especially the Castle Museum because I learnt what it was like to live from those times. – Sophie McClaren 

The Yorvik trip was really fun but it was quite creepy the way the waxwork figures moved! The train trips were also exciting – Verity Schmid