500 Word Story Competition

8th March 2019

500 Words Competition

Earlier this term, Year 7 were tasked with writing a short story, of no more than 500 words, as a homework task.  Creative and industrious as ever, Year 7 threw themselves into this challenge and wrote some wonderful stories! They invented wonderful characters, ranging from fortune-telling ducks to globe-trotting grannies; and developed some gripping plots. These stories have been submitted to the Radio 2 ‘500 Words’ competition, but staff also read and judged these stories in school too, awarding particular favourites, prizes in our ‘World Book Day’ assembly.

Our winners were:

1st: Hector R

2nd: Adele L

3rd Makoto K

Special mentions: David, Finley, Eden and Josh. 

A copy of the winning story is shown below - David Walliam’s should watch his back as Hector’s hilarious tale of grannies on the run, ‘Thelma and Louise’ style, had the teachers chuckling. We loved the humour and originality. Adele’s apocalyptic story, told from the perspective of a guinea-pig, was cleverly written and very imaginative; and Makoto’s beautifully described story was also a very worthy winner, containing sophisticated control of language and description. Well done to all of the entrants; it was a horrible task having to choose favourites, as they were all wonderful. We keep our fingers crossed to see if any of our Year 7’s will be shortlisted in the Radio 2 competition in April.



Whatever age you are you can do whatever you want!

By Hector

Once upon a time, my nanna was in hospital with a rare condition and there was a mysterious lady next to her with dementia, who kept trying to escape from the hospital. Everybody was getting annoyed with her apart from my lovely nanna, who found her quite funny. The lady with dementia did stuff like get into her bed and try and find her phone, but of course she would give it back in the end.

One day, she asked my nanna if she had her passport and strangely enough she did! So the lady with dementia asked, “Should we go on an adventure?” My nanna loved adventures, so she said yes!

This hospital was very forgetful and accidentally left the door open next to my nanna's bed, which leads to the car park. So for once they could escape. My nanna had all her money, which was the same as the lady with dementia, so out they walked.

Three years later-when they had finally reached my nanna's house-they booked their tickets and they thought, why not go and see my sister, who is on her gap year in Australia? Coincidentally, my mum had gone to see her at the same time, so my nanna and her new friend had gone to the airport with all their luggage and got on the plane getting really excited.

23 hours later, in Australia, they sprang off the plane, like Usain Bolt and rushed to their destination (which was my sister's house where my mum had just arrived at). Sadly, they got tired after 25 seconds, and decided to do it the modern way, which was by the train. Finally, they had got to the destination and absolutely loved seeing my sister and my mum.

After spending four weeks in this beautiful destination, they travelled all over the world from America to Russia getting awesome jobs- from swimming coaches to world gymnasts- but there was one thing they both really wanted to do, and that was be an astronaut. They knew that was never going to happen. Funnily enough two weeks later, they won the lottery and I can tell you it's a coincidence- I'm reading a Series of Unfortunate Events- because the complete opposite is happening to them and that's a fact!

They were beginning to love their life but very weirdly we lost contact with them and we were really scared and devastated because we didn't know what had happened to them, so who knew.

 Oh yeah and just saying, about four years later, which is a few weeks ago from the present day, there was a sighting of two elderly women, found on the mysterious and quite newly discovered planet of Planet X-I'm just bringing it up- so who knows if it's my nanna or not?


It just goes to show, whatever age you are you can do whatever you want!