Social, Emotional, Mental Health Support

In school, we have a quiet space where children and young people can go to seek help and support. Ms Morris has time set aside where she is able to listen to the worries of our students and help them to find solutions. We encourage all of the children and young people to share their worries with a trusted adult and although this can be any adult in school, we find that children will often seek out their form tutor or one of our teaching assistants. 
Any adult in school is able to put in a referral to Ms Morris if they feel that someone needs a little extra time or space in order to work through their worries. She will seek them out and using lots of the skills she has, will build a trusting relationship with them and become their go to person.
There is timetables sessions available to these children and young people where they will undertake some social, emotional and and mental health interventions around the things which are worrying them. 
Alongside these sessions, Ms Morris is available at breaktime and lunchtime to offer a listening ear and quiet space for children and young people to go to if they need a little extra support during the unstructured times of the day. 
She also has a growing mental health library which children and young people can borrow from if they would like to.
 The following link will take you to an external site which has lots of great information about supporting mental health.
Ms Morris  has undertaken lots of training so she is able to offer support to our children and young people in school. 
Some of the qualifications and training she has completed  in this area:
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology
  • CACHE level 3 in Mental Health
  • Thrive Practitioner training
  • Focussed and Effective listening certificate
  • Friends Resilience Facilitator
  • Mental health champion
  • Suicide and Self harm prevention in schools
  • LGBTQ+ and gender diversity training