Times Tables Rock Stars

Times Tables Rock Stars
Welcome to the home of all things times tables! We'd like to get a competition going... Can KS2 beat KS3? Which class will be the champions? Find your login details here and do your bit for your class team!
The login details documents are password protected. Password hint: Which assembly takes place on Thursdays?
Week 3 Results and Week 4 Challenge
Well done to those of you who are logging on and taking part in the battles. I see your challenges in my inbox, you should not. I'm competitive so watch out. If anyone is having problems logging in, please see the important information tab on the school website. If you contact times tables rockstars directly they email me. Or just contact the school office and we can help. 
Below are the winners of last week's battle. A huge well done! Has anyone seen Y8 anywhere? 
Also, an overall update we have the rock name list of our fastest tablers - Wow, look at that speed! Can anyone get into the top 5?
Thank you for logging in, I'd love to see more of you logged in. Let me know (via the school office) if I can help in any way. 
Good luck and happy times tabling! 
Miss Milburn

Results Week Ending 3/4/20

Well done to everyone logging on to TTRS this week and taking part in the battles - a huge well done to all winners this week. Next tournament starts today (3/4/20) and will last 7 days. Good luck! 

Also a huge well done to the most valuable players (MVP), just providing your 'rock name' but you know who you are.

Miss Milburn

The battle rages on into week 2, Year 5 are in, Year 6 are here so are Year 7 but the question on everyone's mind is, where are Year 8? It's looking like a very even battle between boys and girls, you have until 8:56 on Friday morning to change that before a new battle commences. 
Go have a look on the leaderboard if you need a further push for speed, surely you can't have a teacher in second place? Have fun, happy times tabling. 
Miss Milburn