How we support mental health and wellbeing

You can find out additional information about the way we support children during social studies or during the Social, Emotional Mental Health sessions as well as more information about the resources we use to help us in the subsequent tabs. We have also developed a padlet which provides links to external sites which you are able to explore.
There are lots of ways we are helping the children to develop emotional wellbeing and resilience in school. 

Providing pupils with as many opportunities as we can to talk about their feelings through:

  • Mental health and wellbeing incorporated into PSHE and RSE curriculum;
  • Mental health awareness weeks;
  • Mental health and wellbeing leads;
  • Staff who are trained in focussed and empathic listening;
  • School councillors which make the student voice heard;
  • Timetabled social, emotional, mental health time to conduct interventions and a drop in service for students to talk through things which may be affecting their mental health.
Some of the children in school who need some extra support with their mental health are able to access targeted interventions with our trained teaching assistants to help them to adopt strategies and skills which will help them to meet the challenges these issues may cause them.
Some of the interventions we undertake:
  • ELSA
  • Think before you act!
  • Friends Resilience
  • Theory of Mind
  • Talk about theory of mind
  • Banish Your Body Image Thief
We also give the children a chance to take part in accredited sessions with external provider Wild about Adventure which helps them to develop their team building skills, build confidence and gives them a chance to work on their interaction skills.