Social Studies

Mental health and emotional wellbeing is at the core of our social studies curriculum. 
The curriculum is designed to cover topics in an age appropriate way and topics are revisited in each key stage. In year 5, pupils learn how to take care of mental health and emotional wellbeing, how to manage challenges and how to seek support for themselves and others. In  year 6, children learn about personal strengths, managing setbacks and what makes them unique, friendship skills and how to manage change in friendships, loss and bereavement. In Year 7, pupils learn about physically and mentally healthy lifestyles; healthy sleep habits, managing stress, managing life online and accessing health services. In Year 8, pupils learn about positive attitudes to mental health and emotional wellbeing, digital resilience, body image, peer pressure, healthy and unhealthy coping strategies and how to seek support for themselves and others.
Through teaching social studies, our aim is to enable pupils to develop the confidence, empathy, resilience and emotional literacy that will help them in later life. Pupils will also learn when and how to seek appropriate support for themselves and their peers. Through developing these skills, pupils will be better able to navigate the changes and challenges that life can present, both in real life and online.