School councillors

Our amazing councillors were elected by their peers to represent the student voice in school.
They all had to give a short speech to their class telling then how they were the best people for the job. Everyone cast their anonymous votes and from that, this council was assembled.
 Two people from each form class are voted in to represent their class.
The things we have made a commitment to do as school councillors are:
Help organise fundraisers - either for school or charities.
Present information to the whole school during assembly.
Put forward the things our peers would like to change.
Help to find solutions to problems.
Set a good example to everyone.
Be heard!
We have a suggestion box in our classroom where anyone can post a suggestion, as councillors we take the suggestions along to the council meetings. We meet regularly to discuss issues which are in progress and then we have a chance to put forward any suggestions from our class.
During the meeting, we have an agenda which lists all of the important things we want to talk about. We all have a chance to speak and give our views, we always vote of things so that it is fair. We then get given the minutes document so we can feed back any important information to our class so that everyone knows what we are doing. We ask our class for their votes so we can take that back to the next meeting.