October 2022

2nd October 2022
Hawkhirst 2022
In late September, year 5 went for an incredible three day residential in cold Kielder at Hawkhirst Scout Centre. Miss Milner, Mrs Easton and Mr Deane-Hall watched in amazement as children overcame fears, worked as a team and showed impeccable manners and behaviour. Rather than us tell you what an impact it had on the children, here are some of their thoughts and feelings...
Hawkhirst was the best 3 days at school I’ve ever had. There were so many activities; rock climbing, night-hike, abseiling and more. Every morning we got a full English breakfast and it was so cool to share a room with best friends. Sam
I overcame my fear of heights by doing Crate Stacking and Zip Wire. Izzy
I loved Hawkhirst it pushed me to my limits and everything was a new adventure. I loved the zip wire it was so fast and gave me an adrenaline rush like nothing else! Araminta
I thought Hawkhirst was amazing! I really pushed myself to get to the top of the climbing wall which I did very quickly and only for the second time ever. Luke
Hawkhirst was the best 3 days of my life because I had a go at everything I thought I would never do. Zack
I really liked Hawkhirst because I overcame my fear of going backwards while abseiling. Sophie
I loved Hawkhirst it was awesome. We got to go on the zip wire, do abseiling, have hot chocolate and even jump in the lake after bell-boating. It was my favourite residential of all time. Ewan