Summer School

2nd August 2021
August/September Summer School - Glendale Middle School
Over the course of two weeks during the Summer break a dedicated group of children attended the Glendale Middle School Summer School. This consisted of a 50/50 split of academic activities and enrichment trips, which involved:
  • Cookery master class
  • A trip to Paxton House
  • Writing Poetry
  • A RIB ride and Fish 'n' Chips in Eyemouth
  • Writing a recount
  • Song Writing with Xennon
  • Trip to Wooler Library
  • Reading comprehension activities
  • Geography and orienteering
Feedback from the Summer School was positive, with Sinead saying that 'It has given me more confidence coming into Year 6' and with Jack and Lauren thinking that it was 'Amazing' and 'Really fun!' respectively. Certainly the Summer School saw some super writing outcomes and special commendation must go to all those children who attended every day regardless of the activity - you and your families showed real commitment to your recovery and well-being after such an extraordinary year.