World Book Day 2022

3rd March 2022
For the first time in what seemed a long time, we were able to celebrate World Book Day on the 3rd of March - and WOW - did we celebrate! One of the highlights of the day was seeing the fabulous costumes milling around the school. We began with an assembly where the teachers read extracts from their favourite books and then we continued the WBD activities back in the classrooms. From book swaps - to live feeds with the Cambridge Theatre in London, it was great to be off timetable and enjoying the pleasures of reading. However, the one huge surprise was the enthusiasm and support for the Readathon! We had 42 pupils with sponsorship and the dedication to read for two hours - far more than expected - so we had to move to the hall instead. Thank you Mrs Jeffries and Mr Pearce! The children were incredible...with their blankets, pillows and bars of chocolate, they settled down to the calm and relaxing indulgence of reading. It was truly emotional when we saw that £564.40 had been raised for the 'ReadforGood' charity and we will definitely do this again next year. We really hope the children enjoyed it too. Lexi said 'It was good. It was fun and the Readathon was peaceful. I'm sure it improved people's reading.' Lauren said 'It made me think about books a bit more.' Isaac said 'I really enjoyed World Book Day. It was great to hear about lots of different authors and their stories.' Below are the winners of the costumes and some photos of the glorious day. Roll on WBD 2023! 
Costume winners: Year 5 - Sophie B and Hannah Burns              Year 6 - Robbie S and Matthew D      Year 7 -  Emily L and Jay C          Year 8 - Grace B and Rowan S