Poet Visit - Andy Tooze

1st December 2023
Andy Tooze - The Poet from the Peaks!
Glendale Middle and Wooler First School were so pleased to welcome published author, Andy Tooze from Derbyshire, on Friday 1st December. He was hilarious and the pupils really loved his poetry style and delivery, along with the class workshops that finished off with a celebration assembly and an exposition of our children's work. In Year 5, Leif and Scarlett succeeded in coming to the front and giving us all a rendition of their poems, whilst in Year 6 - four burgeoning poets:  JJ, Sophie, Jessica and Max wowed us with their poetic creations. It was a fantastic enrichment to the curriculum. Here are some of the comments from the pupils:
Sophie 'Today was amazing! Andy Tooze is a wonderful, fun poet and his poems were interesting and exciting.'
Max ;Today was great with Andy! We got to make our poems and I got to read mine to the school.'
Jessica 'I loved today because I got to express my thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, I felt sure I was just being myself.'
JJ Today was quite fun, doing the poems and reading them out. He was nice coming in and doing this with us.'
Some children have asked whether they could buy copies of his books. We are able to order these for you at £5 through his website, if you contact our office. Here is Sophie's poem:
In the future, In the future,
What will I do?
Go to the moon
Spend my life chewing stew?
In the future, in the future,
What will happen?
Be a wealthy business woman,
Or spend years napping?
In the future, in the future,
I'll jump in the air!
Because my artist paintbrushes,
Will be everywhere!
In the future, in the future,
What will I do?
I'll follow my dreams,
And so should you!
This was JJ's offering:
Me and my parents,
A bit confusing;
In an argument they say...
'Talk to me when I'm speaking!'
When I talk back to them, they say...
'How dare you talk back to me!'
My mum says,
'Don't believe everything off the internet.'
Her with Facebook!
She believes everything off of that!
Me and my parents,
A tad bit confusing!