York 2022

4th July 2022

Year 6 York Trip


On the 4th July, many of our Year 6s travelled to York for their residential trip. As always, this was an excellent experience for everyone - but let's hear it from the pupils themselves...


'Year 6 travelled to York from the 4th of July to the 8th of July. Firstly, we excitedly but stressfully boarded the train and ate our packed lunches. Once we arrived at the hotel, we received the keys for our rooms. Quickly, we all rushed up to our rooms to see how amazing they were; honestly they were super fancy. You would’ve thought the queen was going to stay there. Each room was different with their own unique layout.' - Maisie B

'After arriving and unpacking, we visited York Minster. We learnt facts about its history, such as St Peter is the patron saint of York and that York Minster is the tallest building in York. A few days later in another activity, we also learnt that there is a law that no building in York can be taller than York Minster. After dinner, we walked the York walls which was good fun. Gruesomely, we learnt about how invaders would be trapped in the gates - and murdered there!

In the Castle Museum, we learnt about the Victorian Prisons and many of us screamed in the dungeons.

On Wednesday, we visited the Jorvik Dig; we learnt very interesting things like how a person from the Viking times was full of worms and how 750,000 oyster shells were found in one Viking street alone. Archaeologists believe that the average Viking man ate 5 or 6 oysters a day. After that we visited the Jorvik Viking Centre. Surprisingly, the Vikings believed that the God Vidnarr would collect all the scrap leather in the world and then he would make a giant shoe to kill the giant wolf Fenrir. Vidnarr was made God of shoes and revenge; he killed Fenrir to avenge his father Odin who Fenrir killed. Interestingly, Viking trade routes went right through Russia, into the Caspian Sea and into Persia (Iran). In the afternoon we went on a boat trip which told us lots about the bridges, a very famous school that refuses to burn their ex pupil, Guy Fawkes, on bonfire night as, in their own words, they consider it “bad form to burn an old boy.”

On Thursday we visited the chocolate story and learnt about how chocolate is made. We made our own bit of Belgian chocolate and made our own white chocolate lollipop. Unsurprisingly, they were the tastiest pieces of chocolate I have ever eaten. After this, we did our shopping, I personally thought that everything was overpriced. Shockingly, in one shop it was £4.99 for a pencil. - Peter RC'

'I would definitely recommend this trip to the current Year 5’s as it is very joyful and exciting especially when you get to share a room with your friends. This trip is mainly to push aside your hard times and experience a scenic, wonderful and cheerful place for five days. I would like to thank the teachers who are Miss Dunn, Ms. Turnbull and Mr. Deane-Hall for organizing and travelling with us. Thank you so much!' - Emily H