ISKON Newcastle

16th March 2022

Today, we had a great class trip to Iskon Hindu temple Newcastle! When we first came in, we had to take our shoes off and sit down on cushions to show our respect. Then, Kirtilda, our amazing priest, played some calming music for us on the drums. Kirtilda told us about Hindu history and how it is disrespectful to eat cow’s meat for they are the mothers of us and give us milk, cheese, yogurt and more; this is why they are mostly vegetarian. After our brilliant discussion, Kirtilda said that we were welcome to dress up in traditional Hindu clothing and to be taught how to play the drums. Before lunch, Katilda had carried out an excellent ceremony for our future and the gods. After that, it was lunch. I was really excited to try the food! For lunch we were served rice, cheese and tomato soup and finally space bread which I loved! (Not actually space bread, just Hindu bread in the shape of a spacecraft). I thought we were done until…they brought out vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce! It was delicious. Now tidied up, we said thank you to Katilda for our brilliant day.


My favourite part of the day was dressing up and listening to the drums. This gave me a sense of Hindu spirit and relaxation. 

Laila T - 6E