York 2023

3rd July 2023

Year 6 York trip

Year 6 travelled to York for a school trip on the 3rd of July until the 7th to learn about York. When we arrived at the hotel (Hedley house hotel,) the room was really, really beautiful because the beds were comfortable and the bathroom was luxurious as well. The food was delicious and the desserts where amazing. We did many activities and my favorite was shopping. We also visited the castle museum; we saw what the cells looked like and the courtyard. Even though, I learned that I could be homesick when I stay away from home, I think the next year 6 will really like this trip because you can go around York and learn about the history. They will like the shopping and The Chocolate Story tour. Thank you to all the teachers for making this happen; it was such fun.

By Charlie D       

York Trip

From the 3rd to 7 July, we were in the city of York, learning about its history due to a school residential with my class and teachers. On Monday, we travelled down to York on the train. After that, we walked to the Minster. After a full day of travelling behind us, we awoke to a delicious breakfast fit for kings; furthermore, we watched Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. On Wednesday, we had an historical mountain of a day, going to both: the Jorvik Viking center and the Jorvik Dig. On Thursday (my most enjoyed day), we visited one of York’s most proud possessions - the chocolate story; the swirling, whirling chocolate tumbled through the factory. After that, we went on a most factual boat ride then we rested after a full-on day… it was a perfect way to end the week. I definitely recommend it to the future year 6 students.  


Noah C