6 (1) Speech Writing

18th September 2023
Year 6 Speeches - 'Love and Hate.'
Back in September, Year 6 (1) were given a challenging homework in English to give a speech about the things that they 'Love and Hate.' They really surprised us with the amount of dedication and preparation that they put into this work and even though they were for the most part, incredibly nervous, every single one of them managed to stand up in front of their peers and deliver their speech. It was very impressive, especially their use of props to add interest for the audience. Speaking is a really important strand of the English Curriculum, and marks are given for expression, volume, pace and interaction. In Year 8, we look at persuasive speech writing, so this was a great chance to practise those skills before reaching KS3. Plus, it meant that we managed to get to know each other a little better!