6.1.21 - 8.1.21 
Lesson 1
Good morning Year 5. I hope you are all ok! This is the first of three English lessons to take you to the end of this week. They are all based around the Titanic which was the topic we were covering pre this new lockdown. You do not need to print any of these worksheets unless you want to. Make sure you have a piece of paper and a pen and that’s all you will need. Read through the text carefully, write down a list of any words that you are unsure of the meaning of and you can use a dictionary or google to find out the meaning. Once you’ve read the through the text answer the questions underneath. If you’ve like to complete more questions move onto the more challenging questions in red. Direct any questions to me or Miss Johnston and we’ll help.
Lesson 2
Read through the PDF that shows a timeline of the events of the Titanic's sinking. Then use the information to answer the following questions. Remember to answer the questions in full sentences. The questions are also on the final page of the PDF. 
 1.  The Titanic was discovered on September 1, 1985. How many years did it take to discover the shipwreck?
2. How long did it take from the time the plan to built the ship was approved and when Titanic set sail?
3. Why do you think the January 1912 event was important enough to add to this timeline of events? 
4. What three locations did Titanic pick up passengers from?  
5. How much time passed between the time Titanic was ready to sail and when it left Southampton?
6. The Titanic had a sister ship called The Olympic. It set sail in June 1911. Between which two events on the timeline would this event be placed?  
7. Using the information around the word 'keenly', what do you think the word “keenly” means?  
8. How much time passed between when the first lifeboat was launched and the last lifeboat was launched?  
9. At 11:45pm on April 14, 1912, Captain Smith sent one of the ship’s officers to check on damage. Between which two events would this be placed?  
10. Which ship was nearby the Titanic and tried to warn them of the fields of ice ahead?  
11. If Titanic would have heard the final ice warning, how much time between then and striking the berg would they have had to stop or move away from the ice? 
12. The Carpathia rescued the survivors from lifeboats beginning at 4:10am. How long were the passengers in the first lifeboat launched waiting to be rescued?  
Lesson 3
In this lesson I'd like you to look through the PowerPoint of images of the Titanic. For each one I'd like you to write a title that explains what the image is and then underneath write as many adjectives that describe the image. For example: 
Complete this for all four images that are on the PowerPoint. Try and use powerful description when you do this. 
Finally, write a descriptive paragraph (more than five sentences) that describes the image in full.  For example: 
Beneath the dull light, the grand bed stood at the centre of the bedroom. On the walls, wooden panels held the room together and the red paneled flooring shone vividly.